Modern Sprout brings all of the benefits of hydroponic growing to your home, and looks good doing it. Our stylish planters are self-watering, self-feeding, soilless, and simple to set up, making them perfect for space-conscious city dwellers, absent-minded gardeners, and armchair agrarians.




3-pot hydroponic planters

  • plug-in-planter-chalkboard-1378820207-jpg4-jpg

    plug-in planter - chalkboard


  • plug-in-planter-weathered-gray-1378434078-jpg2-jpg

    plug-in planter - weathered gray


  • plug-in-planter-weathered-gray-1378159321-jpg5-jpg

    plug-in planter - glossy white


  • plug-in-planter-reclaimed-wood-1407723352-jpg36-jpg

    plug-in planter - reclaimed wood


  • solar-weathered-gray-1378820369-jpg9-jpg

    hydro solar planter - all finishes (with plug-in adapter)


self-watering herb kits

  • garden-jar-organic-basil-1416154776-jpg37-jpg

    garden jar - organic basil


  • herb-garden-kit-self-watering-planter-for-o-1414678937-jpg

    garden jar - organic parsley


  • herb-garden-kit-self-watering-planter-for-g-1414678828-jpg42-jpg

    garden jar - greek oregano


  • garden-jar-pink-mason-jar-herb-kit-cilantr-1414678558-jpg

    garden jar - organic cilantro


  • garden-jars-1414679364-jpg8-jpg

    special offer! 4 garden jars with holder


  • garden-jar-replant-kit-1434057431-jpg

    garden jar - replant kit


  • garden-jar-metal-crate-1416670763-jpg

    garden jar metal crate


  • garden-sack-lemon-basil-sage-dill-1416158743-jpg47-jpg

    garden sack - lemon basil, sage, dill


  • garden-sack-parsley-cilantro-thai-basil-1416157732-jpg

    garden sack - parsley, cilantro, thai basil


Seasonal Bulb Kits

  • hyacinth-bulb-kit-1414677659-jpg

    hyacinth bulb kit - sold out


  • paperwhite-bulb-kit-1414677023-jpg38-jpg

    paperwhite bulb kit - sold out


  • galdiolus-bulb-kit-1430157644-jpg

    gladiolus bulb kit - sold out


3-pot hydroponic planter accessories

  • pure-blend-pro-grow-qt-1395850532-jpg

    Pure Blend Pro Grow, qt


  • seeds-starting-kit-3-pack-1402414158-jpg

    Seed Starting Kit - 3 pack


  • decorative-topper-moss-1416068361-jpg

    decorative topper - moss


  • decorative-topper-river-rock-1416067970-jpg

    decorative topper - river rock



GARDENING options include a robust variety of herbs, edibles, flowers and more. Our grow guide provides all the tips and tricks you’ll need to get growing. Check back soon as this section is getting a serious overhaul! read more
HYDROPONICS is a method of growing plants in a soilless medium with liquid mineral nutrients. Modern Sprout features a traditional top-feed hydroponic system that delivers water and nutrients directly to the roots, like magic. read more
MODERN SPROUT was created by the two of us, two people who live and work in a tiny apartment. As avid cooks, eaters, and project planners, we decided the next logical step was to grow our own garden.
watch our video and read more
AS SEEN ON Good Morning America Live, Apartment Therapy,, The Kitchn, Mother Nature Network, Crain’s Chicago Business, Fox News Chicago…read more
THIS AND THAT, our ever-growing list of retail partners, upcoming events, note-worthy milestones and more. read more


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